ReWork an Nandecore

von Chris

the fututre is u!

Save the clock tower. Safe now, everything's let lined. Don't you lose those tapes now, we'll need a record. Wup, wup, I almost forgot my luggage. Who knows if they've got cotton underwear in the future. I'm allergic to all synthetics. Oh, hi , Marty. I didn't hear you come in. Fascinating device, this video unit. Sam, quit fiddling with that thing and come in here and eat your dinner. Excuse me.

Hey man, look at Marvin's hand. He can't play with his hands like that, and we can't play without him. Never? Why not? Unroll their fire. Well, she's not doing a very good job.

Hey beat it, spook, this don't concern you. Now that's a risk you'll have to take you're life depends on it. Yeah. Ho, you mean you're gonna touch her on her- This sounds pretty heavy.